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The Most Comprehensive & Secure Low Temperature Test Facility in North America

5 large -40°C cold cells with capacity for multiple vehicles or large machines. Operate year round.


Designed to support all aspects of automotive R&D on winter surfaces. Lighted and maintained for 24/7 test availability.

14 various size customer garages, 11 with offices.


4 high quality motel style lodges with 42 bedroom/bathrooms and much more.


AET has unprecedented track equipment, expert equipment operators and personnel for customer program support

Baudette is located in the "ice box region" of extreme northern Minnesota, an area known for having the best winter test conditions in the continental U.S.

On Location at AET

What do you need that AET doesn't have now?
  • Year Round Winter Test Courses?
  • Cold Cell Simulated Altitude?
  • All Things Low Temperature Autonomous?


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Delivery/Mailing Address:

1420 County Road 1 SW

PO Box 458

Baudette, MN  56623

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