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AET has unprecedented track equipment, expert equipment operators and personnel for customer program support
Track Equipment

Large horsepower machines with GPS navigation are the cornerstone of AET's rapid course recovery system. State of the art grooming and conditioning equipment designed and built by AET assures test course quality and repeatability 24/7.

Course 5.jpg
Course Area Lighting System

10 of AET's most heavily used tracks are lighted. Besides safely extending test capability 24/7, reliability, repeatability and test data are all improved on non solar loaded surfaces. Lower ambient and track surface temperatures are generally achieved during the hours of darkness.

AET Personnel
  • Expert equipment operators

  • Customer support technicians

  • Tire technicians

  • Cold cell technicians

  • Program managers & administration

  • Program drivers & operators

  • Mechanics/fabrication

  • Security specialists

  • Food service personnel

  • Test consulting

Driving Programs

AET provides drivers and program managers for automotive driving programs, maintaining 25 or more experienced seasonal drivers. AET offers its clients customized cold weather durability/reliability programs. Accelerated 24/7 programs run securely and safely on repeatable, specialized courses on the AET proving grounds.

Product Introduction and Media Launches

AET is the single venue to introduce, demonstrate and evaluate all types of vehicles and systems both technically and by "feel" of the vehicle. Drivers of all skill levels can experience new technology in a safe environment. It is a serious hands-on driving experience like no other. The AET facility is is uniquely capable of totally taking care of the event guests and the featured vehicles they came to experience.

Center Dining.jpg

The AET Center supports technical and social functions and dining for groups of 20 to 100+. It is the perfect venue for:

  • Executive Evaluations

  • New Vehicle Introductions & Training

  • Media Launches

  • Technology Presentations/Interpretations

  • PR/Photo Shoots/Commercials

  • Corporate Sales and Marketing Events

  • Can be promoted as "The Boundary Waters Driving Experience"

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